Zagora – Chania

It has been said that “Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away”. This wonderful route will often take your breath away, since the terrain is particularly rough. Especially after rain it becomes very muddy and makes a lot or work for the road workers. The starting point is of course in the village of Zagora. Passing through apple orchands we move on to Ai Lia (St. Elias) church, then up to Schizopetra and past it on our right. We continue to Psili Petra and then farther south towards Machera. The vegetation here is very dense, with beeches, chestnuts and many streams. The part farther up from Machera is quite dangerous as the route is very steep at places and needs the driver’s close attention. When you arrive at Chania -the last crossroads of the trip- you have two choices: if you head right, the terrain is extremely rough for 350m. (you will need four-wheel motion) and the road will take you to Chania, whereas if you head left, the 2km route is smoother and will take you to a little short of the crossroads for the winter sports center.