Tsipouradika (Tsipouro bars)

tsipouro bar pelion volos

 The visitors to the city would miss a lot if they failed to get to know the atmosphere of the tsipouro bars and to experience the tsipouro “mystagogy” (tsipouro served together with tasty tit-bits, most of them being sea-food). From the N.Ionia to the Anavro quarters and from Ano Volos to to the seaside, the almost 400 tsipouro bars add a colorful note of common people’s entertainment to the city and are the customary meeting place for many.

You shouldn’t miss visiting the colorful tavernas either. The small tavernas of the Old Port area, of Nea Dimitrada and Nea Ionia and the family tavernas of Volos have entertained many generations of revelers and gourmands. Near those tavernas, you will also find restaurants of international cuisine and tastes from all over the world.

Volos also has proposals for the rest of the night!

The scores of bars and cafes on the main pedestrian roads around St. Nicolas church, in the Palea quarter and on the seaside as well as live music places invite you to an all night revelry.

Tsipouro bars:… a living tradition

The story starts in the early 20s, when tsipouro bars were rare and tsipouro production low. It was then that serving the drink in small bottles of 25 (=0.25 ml) -called 25ers- became the habit. This was always accompanied by a few tit bits, mainly sea food, such as octopus, shrimps and others. Tradition has it that the habit of tsipouro served with sea food tit bits was brought to Greece by the Asian Minor refugees.

In the course of time there were changes and developments in the making of tsipouro, as well as the variety of the tit bits served with it.

Today every 25er is served with different tit bits, a ritual preserved over the years.

The 25er is a small bottle of tsipouro that fills a small glass.

In theory every one orders a 25er (as many times as he can take).

Every 25er comes with some tit bit proposals by the shop.

You can therefore sit at one of the many tsipouro bars of the city and just order 25ers for you and your company, leaving the choice of the tit bits to the bar you chose while you follow your own drinking tempo.