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Sea Diving in Pelion

The fascinating world of the sea bottom is different from man’s natural environment. However, you can get to know it through an exciting -still safe- activity: sea-diving! It is a really unique experience, which will carry you into a fascinating world of colourful pictures. It is a sport that will fill you with enthusiasm and teach you a lot to do with the environment and our behaviour towards it. There are many sea-diving fans who come to Pelion for the unique deep sea sights, due to the many shipwrecks as well as to the rich marine life that will fascinate even the most demanding divers. Pelion has 3 schools through which you can either just go diving or get a higher sea-diving certificate. Most deep sea sightseeing is found in the Pagassitikos Bay, in the north Evoiko Bay as well as the Aegean. So, if you are anxious to find out what is hidden under the sea, you can contact one of the following diving schools:



In Pagassitikos Bay:

Pagania (a reef with a rich marine life between 13 and 30 m deep)

Alatas I

Alatas II



Didimes Spilies


Bora (a motor boat of 16m at 23m)


In the north Evoikos Bay:

Faros (a lighthouse built in 1864 by the French Lighthouse Building Company)

Shipwrecked ship “Kali Tichi” built in 1917, of 36m, at a depth of 17m.

Electra Sea Cave, at a depth of 40m (only for experienced divers)

Agia Vasso

Vathi of Agia Vasso

Argironissos (remnants of a German shipwrecked hunting battleship of the 2nd  World War)



In the Agean

The Lefteris reef, a reef which, according to Thucydides, caused the sinking of three Persian battleships.

Shipwrecked ship Vera (built in 1956, of 58m, at a depth of 25m)

Shipwrecked ship Volos (built in 1902, of 85m, at a depth of 35 – 64m)



Diving schools:

1)      Diving Pelion (landline 24230-91500, mob. 6974413586)

2)      Zoumbos (landline 24210-29574)

3)      Atlantis (landline 24210-24373, mob. 6937607340)