A stone’s throw from Nea Ionia, just 3 km northwest is located the village Fytoko. From Fytoko we descend into the formed by the stream Kaliakouda gorge, where in its deepest point there is a picturesque arched stone bridge. We keep walking to the north for 6.5 km, where we find the church of Panagia Lestianis. Keep in mind that just before the church, on the right there is a path that leads within 10 minutes to a three-arched stone bridge. In 3.5 km we find the monastery of Sourvia, which during the Ottoman Empire, along with the monastery of Flamouri, were the biggest ones in the area. The monastery was build during the first half of 16th century by Saint Dionysios of Olympus and was renovated in 18th century by Saint Gerasimos. It is of fortress architecture, has remarcable frescoes and has been used as a base during the Greek Revolution. And this is where our little adventure ends, to follow the same route back.