The small train of Pelion

The small train of Pelion (1895 – 1971) has been a powerful instrument of civilization, culture and development, and has made its mark on the history of the area. Evaresto de Kiriko, father of the famous painter Giorgio de Kiriko, was its creator. He designed and, with the help of local craftsmen and builders, constructed one of the most beautiful train tracks in the world on the slopes and through the olive groves of the Centaurus Mountain. The train track is 60 centimeters wide and is admired for its aesthetics, morphological harmony and constructive perfection. The ledgendary “Mountzouris” (the Smoky) has recently resumed its touring trips, thanks to its “Friends’” efforts’, and climbs Pelion mountain again at 25km per hour. It starts at Lechonia, labours up puffing and blowing through olive trees as well as the traditional settlements of Ano Gatzea, Agia Triada, Agios Athanassios Pinakaton and Argireika and it terminates at Milies. This fantastic route lends itself to hiking. An uphill paved path takes you to the leafy location of the train station at the square of the village of Milies. Like almost all squares of Pelion villages, Milies square is located in the center of the village, a place rich in vegetation and with a unique view, which offers rest and relaxation in its picturesque cafes. Here it is worth visiting the library, which contains valuable century-old manuscripts, books and rare documents from the Turkish Occupation and the struggle of the Pelion people for independence. The village was the birth place of Anthimos Gazis’, an ardent patriot and a member of the society “Filiki Eteria”, also the birth place of the pioneers of the Modern Greek Enlightment, Konstandas and Filippides. There is also a folk art museum in the village.


The Pelion train: Dimitriados st. 186 – Mavrokordatou st.

Weekdays (Mon – Fri) 07.00 – 15.00,  tel. 24210 39723

Ano Lechonia – Milies  10.00

Milies – Ano Lechonia  15.00

Fares : adult (return) 18 €  (10€ one way)

Children (return)  10€  (6€ one way)

Access: The station is 12km far from Volos and is connected with a bus service. (Volos – Platanidia, line no 5)