Kissos is a small mountain village situated in a superb location at 520 meters altitude, literally hidden in lush vegetation and almost “invisible”, as it is located about 2 km above the main road. Access to Kissos has improved in recent years thanks to the new road that connects the village with Chania: driving from Chania to the ski center of Agriolefkes, we find on our left a small sign Kissos. Following this indication through some dense forests we arrive in fifteen minutes at Kissos.

The beech and chestnut forests wrapped around the village are so tall and dense that at some points become impenetrable. Ivies of all kinds twist around the tree trunks, giving the village a special uniqueness, while maintaining its traditional color. It is a landscape embraced by the green and the most magnificent view over the Aegean, where you can easily relax and dream. Everybody who has visited Kissos has literally loved it.

Its beautiful cobbled square is dominated by the basilica of Agia Marina, that is considered one of the best and most representative ecclesiastic monuments on Mount Pelion. Agia Marina is famous for its history, its architecture and interior design. Built in 1650, it still impresses visitors with its gilded carved iconostasis inside, the four domes on the roof of the central aisle, painted by Constantine Pagonis and a number of frescoes of Byzantine icons and genre scenes. The first dome depicts Santa Marina and scenes from her life. The second dome depicts the Virgin Mary, the third depicts Christ and the fourth God as a venerable old man. The illustrations are very well preserved and the sacred temple, the famous landmark of the village and attracts many visitors each year.

On July 17th takes place the feast of Santa Marina with traditional dances and songs and with the participation of the entire village, while on September 20 is celebrated the memory of St. Eustatius. In the picturesque square you will come across the bust of Rigas Feraios.

Just outside Kissos, there are areas to visit on a horse or a 4×4, truly seducing paradises with numerous images of wild natural beauty and trails for all hiking lovers. There are small treasures for the traveler who wants to discover something of the unique charm of this landscape.

Kissos is a place to visit throughout the year. During winter (when the mountain is not snowy) you can go up to the ski center of Agriolefkes, located within walking distance. The new road connecting Chania with Kissos is then closed as it becomes a ski slope. In the summer you can go down for a swim at the sandy beaches of Agios Ioannis and Papa Nero or Damouchari, the fascinating beach with white pebbles.

Kissos is a village that gives you a genuine feeling of warmth, peace and tranquility, so it is ideal for both holidays or just a small stop.