One of the oldest Pelion villages, known to most Greek and foreign visitors as the “gem of the Pelion”. It lies at an altitude of 500 m, at a distance of 54km from the city of Volos. It dominates the eastern mountainside of Pelion and is clad with forests of plane trees, beeches and chestnuts. This together with the panoramic view to the blue sea offers a diverse scenery which is rare to Greece.

The history of the place starts in the 16th century and takes its definite form in the 17th. This is a large village and its biggest part is covered in thick vegetation, fruit bearing trees, cultivated plants and flowers.

The key feature of Tsagarada is the centenarian plane tree in the central square. It is a giant tree, measuring over 13 m. in diameter, which gives its shade generously. Tsagarada is found in the center of an area rich in monuments and staggering natural beauty. You will also find a cluster of small restaurants making the best of the local products.

Those who wish to travel to a place with endless beaches, azure waters and orange sunsets knows that Tsagarada is the best destination, since here the charm of nature is present everywhere. The ample options for short trips from here are opportunities to discover an area proud of its great history and traditions. The visitor has the chance of visiting well-preserved churches, walking along picturesque paths and wondering at the traditional architecture of the stately homes. The beauty of the earthly paradise of Tsagarada leaves no one unmoved.