Milies is one of the most traditional and picturesque villages in Pelion. It is 28km away from Volos, built at an altitude of 400m, and it has about 1,500 permanent inhabitants. Its incomparable natural beauty invites you to an exploratory tour which will ease your stress and soothe your soul, though the village is a remarkable commercial and financial center.

The ever changing scenery -the crystal clear springs, the narrow cobbled lanes and the old stately homes- blends in with the grey-green colour of the Pelion olive groves, so producing a feeling of peace which makes Milies an ideal holiday destination. Strolling around the village, walking through the gardens of old traditional houses, you will discover countless “hidden” beauties and appreciate the warm smiles of the locals. If you choose one of the many Pelion stately homes-turned-hotels for your stay you will be rewarded with the hospitality of the locals.

The rich history and splendour of the village will command your interest. Milies is the birth place of Anthimos Gazis and Gregorios Konstandas, who founded the PSYCHIS AKOS (cure for the soul) Shool, in 1814. The public library is worth a visit. Today, it contains a rare collection of exhibits such as old manuscripts, letters from the years of the war for independence, books and maps. You will also have the opportunity to see the flag of the declaration of the war for independence. In the Folk Art Museum the exhibits are equally interesting: traditional costumes, photographs of old trades and home made handicrafts.

While in Milies do not fail to visit the train station -the terminal of the small train going up to Pelion- known as Mountzouris (the Smoky = a nick-name from the old times). The construction of this big project started in 1895 by the Italian engineer Evaristo de Kiriko, father of the famous painter Giorgio de Kiriko. With his knowledge, skills and imagination he designed and succeeded in building one of the most beautiful train tracks in the world, using the local craftsmen. The train started operating again in 1996 and now runs regularly between Ano Lechonia and Milies. The train trip will remain unforgettable and will take you back in time. The route is superb, as you can see two-arch, three-arch and four-arch bridges, and lush green hillsides, an ideal scenery for those who wish to spend their holidays near extraordinary human achievements as well as wonders of the nature.

During the summer months you can enjoy a swim in Kala Nera, a fantastic place with plane-trees, poplars and eucalyptus-trees which come down to the sandy beach. Milies is a very good area for hiking, for those who are keen on it, and there are several short and long hiking routes. The Friends of Nature Club of Volos organizes short hiking trips to Pelion. Before you leave the place don’t forget to buy tsipouro (a kind of raki), sweet preserves, jams and home made pasta. Milies is a village you simply must get to know. The peaceful environment, its charming beauty and the view to Pagassitikos Bay are the best gifts to the visitor.