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Argalasti –Lefokastro – Kalamos


Distance: 8.6 km

Duration: 2hrs 45mns (including rest stops)

Road marking: red marks

Maximum height: 255m. (Argalasti square)

Drinkable water during the trip: yes (Lefokastro)



This is one of the most beautiful routes of South Pelion. It starts at Argalasti and slopes down to the sea-side settlement of Lefokastro, and as far as seaside Kalamos. From Kalamos we can either return to Argalasti (see Argalasti –Kalamos route) completing a circular route of a total length of about 4 hrs -including rest time- or, if we feel like it and feel fit enough, we can carry on walking along the sea-side towards Pau, and from there come back again to Argalasti taking about 5 hrs, all in all. (see route Kalamos – Pau Monastery –Argalasti).



Starting from the corner drugstore on the Argalasti square, we follow the narrow cement road heading west passing in front of the post-office. We come to a crossroads on the left corner of which is the renovated stone building of the old Girls School. The cobbled path to Kalamos continues straight ahead. We take the turn to the right, on another cobbled path heading North. A little farther down, the path becomes loose for 30m., turning into something like a wide groove in stony ground.



We keep on walking on a beautiful cobbled path, cross over the little bridge of the brook of Pnevmatiko, then cross a dirt road and then come to another dirt road where we turn left downhill. Inside this road we discern the cobbled path which goes askew off the road to the right. We follow this path, go past a power pylon and in a while, we come to the beautiful stone arch bridge of Rodia.


After the Rodia stream, the cobbled path goes uphill and ends up joining the asphalt road to Lefokastro, at a point where a dirt road goes off to the left towards Kalamos. At the fork there is a signpost and a small road shrine.We follow the asphalt road, which covers the path for 1km, and then looking closely we discern the continuation of the path on our left. The path goes downhill through the terraced ground. Farther down we come to the asphalt road, which we cross, and after a while we come to it again. Up to here, it took us a little less than one and a half hour for a distance of 4.8km. If we follow the asphalt road to the right, we will reach the main beach of Lefokastro after 300m.


In order to go to Kalamos, we carry on walking on the path that goes down, passing by an old drinking fountain with fine water, dating from 1777. In a few minutes, we find ourselves on a beautiful sandy beach.



At the other end of the beach, we climb a path that takes us to a narrow dirt road. The aquaduct from the Panagiotiko Dam runs below us. Unfortunately the aquaduct construction works destroyed the beautiful partly cobbled path that used to exist here.


We start walking on the dirt road, and very shortly come to a fork where the road to the left goes uphill. We, however, keep walking straight ahead keeping close to the sea on our left. When the road ends up at another dirt road, we turn left going uphill for 10m and immediately after that, we turn right into a property, jumping over the low fence at the gate. The path, which has been marked with red marks, like the rest of the route, goes through the property for a while, and then we come to another fenced property. We continue walking towards the seaside, and presently we find ourselves on the small beach of Agios Sostis.


Next to the beach runs a country lane, which we follow for ten minutes to the south. At the point where the main road turns smoothly to the left, we go off it, and continue slightly to the right on a narrow road somewhat sloping down and finally turning into a path taking us to the north end of the Kalamos seaside beach.

We walk along the beach for a while and coming to what seems to be the end of it, we turn left for a few meters and then right into a cement narrow road running alongside the seaside. We cross the pedestrian bridge over the Rodia stream and soon we find ourselves next to the sea. Just before the middle of the beach, near the mountaineering club’s signpost attached on an power pole, we find the cobbled path going up to Argalasti.