Cultural Events

The festivals of the prefecture are held during the summer in most places. Local festivals are the best events incorporating customs of long established tradition. They feature folk orchestras, traditional musical instruments, and they usually take place on the day of the saint patron of the place, on the ground of the church dedicated to him/her. The locals celebrate and have a good time till dawn, while there are often festivities that last more than one day. The various festivals of the local municipalities and clubs are remarkable since they contribute to the revival and preservation of traditional customs and so keep the flame of culture alive” in the area.


Epiphany day on 6th January is a special occasion. The cross is tossed into the chilly sea water by the priest and is subsequently retrieved by the more daring locals who dive for it in competition. In Velestino you can watch the revival of the traditional custom of “Ragatsaria”


Musical and dancing events are held in the Sourpi area.

The Apple festival takes place at the mountainous village of Zagora

At the end of the month, “The Welcoming of Spring” is revived and local festivities are held on the last Sunday of the Carnival, in the area of Pteleos.


“Best Wine” competition, in Sourpi

Celebrating the local battle anniversary in Makrinitsa.

The Flower Festival in Portaria.


The biggest holiday in April is Easter and there are many customs characteristic of the various places. The custom of “Bouloto” is special in Neochori on Easter Monday, while there are traditional dances on the island of Sciathos, on the same day.

 In Keramidi, Sciathos, Agria and elsewhere, festivals are held to celebrate St. Georgios day.


On 1st May, special celebrations are held in Kanalia.

Higher up on Mt. Pelion, in the village of Panakates, a festival is held on the second and third Saturday of May.

Farther South, in Lafko, there is a festival, at the St. Athanassios monastery, on 1st May. At the end of the month, Agria becomes the meeting place for a choir coming together.

School student theatrical performances and concerts are held by the municipal conservatory of Almiros.

On 9th May, a festival takes place at the Alia settlement -formerly known as “Baklali” of Almiros. It is held in commemoration of St. Nikolaos, the New. The merry-making starts after the mass, with live traditional folk music, a real jewel of popular customs.


Fishing evening in Trikeri, a 3-day festivity during the summer months,

Cherry festival at the settlement of Agios Lavrendios, in the first half of the month.

People’s festival in Pinakates and other Pelion villages on 29th and 30th  June.

Revival of the traditional custom of Klidonas, burning of the wreaths, traditional dances and other summer cultural events organized by the municipalities of Mouressio, Afeton and Zagora.

The European Music Day is celebrated in Volos.


Traditional festival commemorating St. Anargiri Day, in the Neochorion area, on 1st of the month.

Summer cultural events (musical concerts, theatrical shows), at the“Aloni” theater in Agios Georgios of Nilia.

Cultural events in the context of the “Marine Week”, in the municipality of Sourpi: plays, puppet shows.

Cultural events in Makrinitsa, the culmination being the revival of the folk custom of “Maides”

Festivals are held in many villages on 20th July commemorating Agios Elias.

Cotton festival in the municipality of Karla.

Fishing evening with traditional dances in Trikeri, Nea Anchialos, Agria, Almiros and Pouri.

Tsipouro festival in Katichori

Musical events, at the little port of Kato Gatzea.

Sausage festival in Stagiates.

Cultural events called “Theophilia”, in the municipality of Iolkos.

International Guitar festival, in Lafko, together with other summer cultural events.


Fishing evenings in Sourpi, Kanalia, Achillio and Loutraki of Scopelos.

Coming together of refugee dancing groups, in Stefanovikio.

A “bazaar” -traditional fair-, in the municipality of Aissonia.

At Efxinoupoli of Almiros: Various: celebrations commemorating the Dormition of Panagia (Virgin Mary), with traditional bands and customs revival, with a different theme every year. Also, “Babo’s” fete.

Religious celebration of Panagia’s Day. Fairs are organized in most villages of the prefecture.

Festivities celebrating the anniversary of the liberation of Almiros city from the Turks (cultural events with plays, music and choir singing; also local products exhibition).

In Kala Nera, cultural events take place in the context of the “Cultural Summer”. In Vizitsa, traditional cultural activities are held throughout the month.

In the small village “Chorto” there are cultural events throughout the month (musical events, theatrical performances, dancing and various workshops), throughout August.

19/08 – 02/09: “Moussiko Chorio”, a music festival that has become an institution in Agios Lavrendios.

Various cultural events on the archaeological sites on the day of the full moon of August.

Cooking competition in Agios Demitrios of Pelion.

Wine festival in Nea Anchialos

Olive and olive-oil festival with musical and dancing events and a local product exhibition, in Achilion.

A festival on the ground of Panagias Plakas Chapel, commemorating Panagia Lampidona, in the municipal department of Neochorio and Lampinos.

A fair in the Agios Ioannis Prodromos Monastery, at Siki and other parts of the prefecture.


A sea sailing competition of An. Thalassa “Aeolos” is held jointly with the IOBAΘ, in Kato Gatzea.

Firiki (an apple variety) festival in Vizitsa.


Chestnut festival in the Mouressio municipality.

November – December

The Music Theater of Volos Festival.

Christmas celebration with the municipal orchestra, in the Anavra community.